Jacques Genin’s Tarte Aux Citron

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting up with 2 friends from secondary school that I haven’t really kept in touch with. It’s strange how life brings people together, 3 Singaporeans studying in different countries, but meeting up in Paris and of course, over food! 🙂

Vivian brought us to Jacques Genin’s chocolate boutique/cafe, a famed chocolatier in Paris. Vivien was raving about his chocolate eclairs and his tarte aux citron so we really had to find out what all the hype was about. So if anyone has ever visited Jacques Genin’s shop, it’s massive for a chocolate shop, and looks more like a jewelry boutique than a place that someone would purchase something edible from. But with good reason, Jacques Genin makes some of the finest (and most expensive) chocolates and pates aux fruits in Paris (I think chocolates start from 90euros/kg).

We ordered the hot chocolate, chocolate mille feuille, and the famed tarte aux citron. We will have you know that Jacques Genin’s pastries are no longer for sale over the counter (rumour has it that his sous chef and team have left and hence, he is concentrating his efforts on his chocolates instead). But nevertheless, a limited quantity is available if you dine at the shop.

Tarte Aux Citron from Jacques Genin

Let’s just dive right into the tarte aux citron– it was absolutely delicious! The filling was not overly spiked with citrus, there was a nice balance between the sweet sugariness and the tart citrus notes and then there was such a delightful surprising note of basil which really won me over. Tarte aux citron is such a common item in France so I was definitely skeptical at first. But definitely one of the best and most interesting and most delightful tart aux citrons I’ve had the pleasure of eating 🙂 I think it made my shitty-weathered-day-in-paris that much better!


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