Croissant Isphahan from Pierre Herme

Pâte à croissant, pâte d'amande à la rose, compote de framboises du Haut-Vivarais.

Pâte à croissant, pâte d’amande à la rose, compote de framboises du Haut-Vivarais.

I made the short trip from school to St Germain de pres today to retreive some Poilane sourdough bread for my sandwich tomorrow. I then realised how close I was to Pierre Herme’s shops and decided to pop by to see how long the line was, and then make a decision on whether it was worth the time to wait to procure one of his famed pastries or macaroons. Lo and behold, there was no line! 🙂

I waltzed into the shop, took a look at the macaroons and gateaux on display, and then my eye turned slowly towards the baked viennosseries in the corner. A lovely glazed croissant with deep red rose petal decorations was sitting on the shelf beckong to be bought– the croissant iphahan! I’ve heard stories about how wonderful this croissant is so I had to try it for myself (and it only cost me 1.80 euros!)

Now everyone knows that I am an absolutely sucker for anything puff pastry related. A dough leavened with lots of butter, what could be better! But this was an absolute beauty, not only to the eye but such a seductive little thing on the palate too! It’s glazed with a simple syrup, i’m assuming, then sprinkled with a row of candied rose petals. It smelled absolutely delicious! Perfumed with a delicate aroma of rose, and I thought that was the treat!




But then I bit into it and OMG ISPHAHAN FLAVORED PATE LINED THE INTERIOR OF THE CROISSANT!! What a treat indeed! Rose and raspberries and flavors of everything beautiful exploded in my mouth. This was a crispier croissant with thicker layers which I actually prefer to the more delicate and thinner layers of regular croissants, because of the firmer flakiness it had which gave it almost a sort of crunch which definitely gave the croissant more OOMPH and kick with the glaze and the rose pate. Preferably, would have liked it with a little less glaze/sugar, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I LOVE THE CROISSANT ISPHAHAN!



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