La Regalade

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About two weekends ago, my sister gave me probably one of the best birthday presents ever– HERSELF! :)) WE had an epic weekend of feasting, mostly planned by my baby sister. She booked two restaurants for us with recommendations from my foodie aunt. The first one we checked out was La Regalad. What I heard about this place was that it served really good french food at really good prices. Definitely always up for value-for-money meals!


One of the most memorable things about La Regalade was how they served not just bread while you’re waiting for your meal. They serve bread, AND pickles (in an awesome clay pickle jar), AND they bring an entire terrine to your table to gorge yourself on!! This rustic terrine was a really really amazing gesture that I really appreciated and enjoyed (as you can tell). Pressed pork with pork fat, how can anyone not love that?!


Cold terrine of pig’s feet with leeks. I know it sounds pretty unappetizing to the unadventurous, but I love the texture of the gelatin and meat all pressed in one block. This was a pretty good dish, but nothing too memorable. The next appetizer that Eve ordered though, was pretty damn amazing.


Scallops served in the half shell with a citrus vinaigrette, pesto and cheese (tasted almost like old comte). The scallops were sooo soft and smooth and creamy, and tasted like they were raw. A scallop ceviche cum a play on the oyster rockefeller maybe? SICK DISH. Must try if this is on the menu!


My pan seared cod with potatoes gratined with old comte cheese.

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Eve’s roasted lamb with potatoes, garlic chips and fried parsley.


My dessert was one of the other memorable dishes at La Regalade. Ironically, a super simple dish of Riz Au Lait, but done amazingly well. It comes in this vase-like white ceramic dish, a mound of riz au lait cooked with a generous amount of vanilla beans, and a siiiickkkkkk salted caramel sauce on the side. Then the waitress comes and sticks a wooden serving spoon right into the mound of deliciousness! BRILLIANT. Would have eaten it right from that massive wooden spoon like a baby if I had the balls to.


Eve’s moelleux au chocolat, of course, because Eve is a chocolate monster. Chocolate lava cake, essentially, how can that ever be bad?

Overall, I think we had a pretty fun time at La Regelade. I haven’t been seeking out french brasseries or bistros considering the fact that I am surrounded by french cuisine every single day in school and the thought of coq au vin or beef bourguignonne or white cream sauce makes me stomach turn (at this moment at least). But La Regelade is exactly what my aunt said it would be, french food made really well, and served in a fuss-free casual environment, at really good prices. Definitely a restaurant I would bring friends to if they were visiting Paris and wanted something ‘authentic’.